Collectio Musicorum (“Collection of Music”) presents a concert of music from Scotland, dating from the twelfth through the eighteenth centuries.  It takes place at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, 120 W 69th St, New York, NY 10023, on Friday, October 18th at 8 PM.  Admission is Free.

Much of the program is devoted to music by Robert Johnson, a priest and reformer, who was forced to flee Scotland due to his reformed religious views.  A prolific composer, his music has recently been edited by Dr. Elaine Moohan as part of the Musica Scotica series.  This music has never before been performed in the United States. 

Also among the pieces on the program are works from the twelfth century, when the northern portions of Scotland were under the control of Scandinavian kings, including one of the earliest examples of medieval polyphony, a hymn to St. Magnus the Martyr, who was martyred in 1115.  Music by Mary, Queen of Scots, and her son, James VI, will also be heard, as well as music by Roderick Morison, also called “The Blind Harper,” who lived at the turn of the eighteenth century. 

The performers include singers Amanda Sidebottom, Padraic Costello, Nate Adams, and Andrew Padgett; harpist Christopher Thompson and lutenist Christopher Morrongiello, all under the direction of Collectio Musicorum’s artistic director, Dr. Jeff S. Dailey.


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